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Now more than ever, organizations want to improve their workplaces, hiring practices, and programs to be more equitable and inclusive. However, many aren’t sure how to design and incorporate these practices in a strategic and meaningful way. We work with our clients to leverage the practice of inclusive human-centered design to develop equitable and inclusive organizational policies and strategies into their big picture and everyday work while providing training on how to use these tools once our engagement has ended.


Pulling from best practices in organizational design, restorative community organizing, and equity-centered program development, we support organizations undertaking cross-departmental or cross-disciplinary transformation, revitalizing their strategies, or designing new programs. We facilitate an equitable and inclusive strategy and design process with groups which is human-centered, collaborative, and systems-based. Together, we create spaces, strategies, experiences, and programs that embrace and honor our humanity. 

A key part of our values and praxis as a company is utilizing inclusive human-centered design. This design and management framework involves the input and experiences of impacted people in all steps of a problem-solving process. Put simply, we believe the people closest to a problem are the best equipped with the knowledge and experience to design solutions.


Weav Studio was born out of a desire to address the challenge that leaders in social enterprise, non-profit, government, and foundations face: how to craft a customized, facilitated strategy and design process tailored to their needs. We meet leaders and groups where they are, irrespective of industry or theory of change, and meet this challenge collaboratively by designing a process that strengthens relationships for meaningful results.


We use human-centered and community-centered design to provide the following services across the U.S.:


Human-centered design training

Equity & Inclusion tools & training

Customized trainings

Team and organization-wide retreats


Equitable and inclusive community collaboration
Team accountability and consensus-

building frameworks
Strategic partnership cultivation


Equity-centered strategic planning
Equity-centered program planning & implementation
Theory of change development
Inclusive management coaching

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